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JW Flagg Consulting

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Meet John Flagg

He is a prison consultant in Austin, Texas, with over 30 years of personal experience with the criminal justice system. He knows first-hand how intimidating and overwhelming the system can be for those who don't have the right resources or knowledge. What John offers is a variety of services, from assisting individuals who are facing incarceration to providing support for inmates and their families both during and after incarceration.


Ensuring that clients get the best outcome possible is what John strives to achieve. He is dedicated to helping clients navigate the criminal justice system with confidence, doing everything he can to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.​


At JW Flagg Consulting the primary goal is to reduce recidivism and give prisoners the best chance at success. John is committed to helping clients to not only survive their time in prison, but also to come out stronger and more prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Client Reviews

“I needed help after I was released from prison. I served 21 calendar years and was cast into the unknown. But JW Flagg Consulting was there to give me a hand up and open my eyes to the 21st century, enabling me to move forward with my life after incarceration.”

Jeremy Watkins, Print Production Supervisor

Correctional Consulting Services



Prison Preparedness

Are you facing the prospects of serving a state or federal prison sentence? JW Flagg Consulting provides the expert advice and comprehensive services that you will need. All of your questions will be answered and John will help guide you through the journey of surviving prison while maintaining your mental and emotional wellbeing. Let him help you navigate this difficult time and get you the support and guidance you deserve. 


Conflict Resolution

Having problems with guards or administration? Can’t get the medical attention you need? JW Flagg Consulting provides specialized conflict resolution services to those currently incarcerated. John can assist with medical dilemmas, grievances, education opportunities and more, ultimately helping you find a positive resolution to whatever kind of situation you may find yourself in. He is committed to finding the unique solutions for each of a client's needs.


Social Integration

JW Flagg Consulting specializes in furnishing those who are transitioning out of incarceration with the necessary tools and skills to achieve their goals. Services include technology literacy, financial health, credit establishment, healthcare, housing, and social etiquette. John will work closely with clients in order to provide the support, guidance and resources they need for a successful reentry into society.

Authenticity in Film, Literature & Life 

It is important to engender the beliefs and confidence of the audience without falling prey to a labyrinth of absurdity and stereotypical themes.                                                              

Are you embarking on a new film or television series that portrays prison life? Or perhaps you are working on a script or novel that explores the incarcerated experience? John Flagg at JW Flagg Consulting has a deep and profound understanding of the prison ecosystem, and this knowledge and experience can be crucial in helping creative souls navigate the complex landscape of the world of corrections — while achieving authenticity in ones work and art in the process.


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